Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I've hade some requests for more process posts. I don't usually save this stuff but made an exception in this case on Bob Self's suggestion. If I can find the original sketch I'll post that as well.
The composition for this came fairly easily, but I had problems with the details and colors.
I think the turmoil paid off in this case as this has become a favorite. It doesn't always work out that way I'm affraid. Often times I'll suffer justt as much anxiety and never achieve any gratification. But, in the end you just have to put it to bed and move on.


E said...

Interesting to see how you go about working things out, even in this somewhat limited view. It'd be nice to see the time-line of a piece, you know, from beginning to end with all the stops (and wrong turns) that you go through.

I've always thought your work is amazing, by the way. Great, great stuff.

boob said...

I've absolutely loved your work for a while now. I got to meet you and pick up some prints a couple years ago in San Diego.

Fantastic stuff. Glad to see you've entered the Blogosphere.