Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Izzy outtakes

Izzy originally started out as a bookened to Got Your Nose but soon took a bit of a turn. These illustrate the visual changes of one of the spreads.


Jason Newkirk said...

just gotta say, your illos ARE FREAKIN fantastic! /end fanboy

Unknown said...

Hi Ragnar,
Without question some of the most beautiful work I've seen. Period.
Do you use Illustrator, or some other vector based program?

Unknown said...

I think someone next-blogged over to us, from you. Some people are addicted to "next blog". I like to do it in reverse. :)

Anyway, your art is fucking gorgeous. I don't swear much, but there you go. I'm moved.

Do you sell prints or merchandise?

Ahniwa, of La Casa Comics

James Baker said...

Holy Smokes! Rhode told me you had a blog and I came straight here.. great stuff as always.

Edward said...

Great work and inspiration. Cool to see you have a blog.

{ed} said...

Ragnar, i LOVE your work.
I really enjoy not only your illustrations but your DESIGNS.

I invite you to visit my site at:

milanrubio said...

I knew your work from your web, but this blog is fantastic.
The outtakes of an illo, whata great idea.
Sure I'll be back , keep on blogging'.

very nice work.

Anonymous said...

Love your graphic style!

Schmiddy said...

You've got some really nice stuff up here...my hat goes off to a great prolific artist!

paublo said...

You've been a crutch for my inspiration for a while...I owe you a huge thanx for those "artistic wall's" I've hit. Thanx for doing what you do...and keep on doing it!!! Kick ass blog dude!

ragnar said...

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment. It's nice to see some new faces along with some old friends.

Yes, I use Illustrator.

Prints, books and merchandise can be found through the links on the right hand side.

I have quite a bit of material waiting to go up, so I should continue updating fairly regularly.


Pat Pakula said...

best blog ever!!! BLOGGLISHIS!!!
GREAT WORK! new favorite artist.

SACKS said...

Okay,... I'm a fan right off tha bat. Your work is AMAZING! As a first time viewer, I'm hooked.