Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Roland is God.

Garrett Chow gave me the heads up on this one. God, I wish I had filmed some of our classes with him. To this day I've not seen so many adults gutted, crushed and brought to tears as in his classroom. He seems to have mellowed considerably with age. Good lookin' out G.

Friday, July 14, 2006

If It Aint Paint...

This piece will be in one of the group shows at Copro Nason in July. It's one of only two pieces from Kings Of The Road that isn't in the Spring 2007 show at Van Eaton Galleries. Of course if it doesn't sell it will be in the Spring show anyhow.


I forgot to mention that these prototypes may be on the show floor in San Diego. Maybe at Electric Tiki maybe at Sideshow?

Getting The Goods

I've received a bunch of emails asking where to buy books. You can buy any of the current books where ever you buy books- your comic store (via Diamond Previews), Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Bud Plant, eBay etc. If your book store doesn't have it in stock they can order it. We no longer sell directly. Kings Of The Road begins shipping in the next few weeks and Vernaculis will probably ship around the end of August.

Here are the ISBNs-

Chromaphile- 0-9729388-9-3
Izzy's Very Important Job- 0-9729388-2-6
King's Of The Road- 0-9778949-1-6
Got Your Nose- 0-9729388-1-8
Vernaculis- 0-9778949-9-1

The Countdown...

With just a few short days until the bedlam begins I thought I'd nail down some info.

Kings Of The Road is here. I'll say it again- I'm really happy with this book. People seem to have no qualms about telling me how mush they dislike it. I have no problem with that and for those that are waiting for Vernaculis the news continues to be good. We should have a number of advance copies available. The proofs have looked great, but I've yet to see the actual final book.

The Little Cartoons booth is #722. I think this is exactly the same space as last year and very near where we've been for the last several years. Unfortunately my schedule this year is unrelenting so I've had schedule times for signings. I'm sure that I'll be around more frequently, but there will be guarantedd times that you can catch me at the booth. When I have the final schedule I'll post it and of course the times will pe posted at the booth. I'll also be signing at the Van Eaton booth(s) on Friday and Sturday from 4-5. If you're looking for prints that's the place to go as we won't have any for sale at our booth this year. They're located just around the corner from us. If you're coming in form out of town and have my number just give me a call to track me down. I'll probably be buying comics, art or gorging on ice cream at the Baby Tattoo Lounge across the street.