Monday, March 10, 2008


Here are a few invites and such for my show opening at M Modern in Palm Springs on March 15th.
It's a relatively small show in one of the smaller galleries and the physical size of the paintings are
accordingly on the small size. 17"x17" on average.
The title of the show refers to the fact that the compositions are compilations, or maybe anthologies of "fragments" pulled from past and current projects- including Lexiconic, Symptomatica, Chromaphile, 24 Hour Paradise, Eponymonstrous and even Big City.
I'll post a few more pictures of additional paintings, prelims and sketches over the next few days.
Shortly after that I'll put together a post explaining my long and future absence from this here blog.

bits and pieces/now and then

New work by Brandon Ragnar Johnson

Opening reception March 15th

M Modern Gallery
Palm Springs, California