Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thumb goes in, eye comes out.

Another KOTR study. An eye for an eye.

Long live the king.

This is a rough comp of the King Of The Road card game box. The game play is the same as Old Maid. There are three other games in the set, all based on simple traditional card games. The others are based on Crazy 8s, Slap Jack and Animal Rummy.


I know this is a crappy, gerneric, straight ahead angle on this, but it was really just to wrok out the design of the front of the scooter. I added the captain to provide some scale.


I don't think I've ever posted this anywhere. It's a pin-up for 1313 magazine from last year.

Horace or Boris

I was going to clean these poses up a bit before I posted them, but decided they're fine the way they are. These are the kind of rough quick studies I'll do when hammering out a character. I don't worry about staying on model too much. I just want to how they move, behave and react.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006