Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As some folks already know there's a new site. I hope to consolidate everything into a singular site and thusly be easier to maintain and keep current. Blog, store, archives etc. will al be located there eventually. Here it is-


Thank you very much for all the orders. We only have a few copies of Chromaphile left, so when they're gone we'll discontinue the Seven Book Library offer or reconfigure it. I've included a piece of original art with all of the library orders either as a sketch in each book, or a stand alone sketch. It was something that people requested and frankly I should have offered form the beginning. Have great holiday.


Alambique said...

animation oscars 2010 vote here!!!

MJC *-* said...

merry christmas?
shiiiit. I was just checking you on sidebar. Want to listen to your Podcast now.
But...what happened to your updates?
Because i wanted to follow you here, but 2009 is the last update...
hmm...that's not really often i see.
Too bad. So update more!

Chris Bonura said...

Great stuff man, really like your shapes! Any chance you will be at wonder-con in SF this weekend? Would love to pick up a copy of your book.


aisha said...

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Hello, merry Christmas.

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fmont66 said...

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