Friday, September 11, 2009

Coming This Fall-

Here are few custom pieces to keep an out for in the fall. They won't be available for sale until spring 2010 at the earliest.

Here's a copy of the slick for the book.

Thanks to everyone who ordered books. I hope your enjoying them. If you'd like a specific dedication signed in the book just add the request in the instructions or notes section in the Paypal form.
We're still only shipping to U.S. addresses, if you're outside the country you can order from the Brandstudio online store.

Also- Look for the first Big City graphic novel summer 2010. It will be a "BD" style 48 page hardcover.


Fred said...

Hi Brandon, I wanted to order the book from Brand Studio, but I hesitate: I am ok for paying it $40, but $23.08 to have it sent overseas (France) is a little too high... I often order books from the US, but the shipping price isn't so high. Is there another way to have it sent with a more reasonable shipping price? Thanks so much and keep on highlighting the Art!

ragnar said...

I'm sorry that you're unable to get the book. It's really unfortunate, but the U.S.P.S has raised prices on all mail significantly over the past year or so. International seems to have been hit the hardest. Because we have so few copies left we're unable to provide books to our distributors overseas who would normally provide books to local markets. It's doubtful that this book will be reprinted, but if it is it will have worldwide distribution.

Jakob Westman said...

see if Stuart Ng had a better deal on shipping. I'm not saying he has, but it might be worth checking out.

Jakob Westman said...

Hey, I remembered.
One of the comic book shops on Keller street in Paris has it. The one with the most american titles in it. Not the Manga ones.

I was there last weekend and saw it.

Jakob Westman said...

Found a receipt.
I think they're called Myth & Magic.

Jakob Westman said...

And Brandon, those posters look SO nice!
The wall behind them don't look too bad either. Nice to see them photographed in an environment instead of just flat (even if it's a comp).

ragnar said...

Thanks for the info Jakob.