Friday, May 18, 2007

The Set Up

Almost done hanging the new show. Still have to light everything. The large gallery has all the drawings, I'll get pictures of that room tomorrow when I finish the install. Here's the show info-

New paintings-drawings-prints

6:00 P.M., Saturday, May 19

Van Eaton Galleries
13613 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


xenos said...

Excited to hear you're showing only a hop skip away. I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

Wow, really really nice ^_^

Are those real paintings or printed in a special way from Illustrator files ? The composition and bright colors are amazing...

Superb job, so I guess the show will be really successful.

DropDeadSexyPinups said...

Great show Brandon,
and it was also really great meeting you. You've been a huge inspiration to me and my work.


xenos said...

just came from your "official" gallery and its a great show. some of your traditional pieces were hard to tell apart from the digital ones! had to buy vernaculis afterwards!

Oliver Kurth said...

Looks like it's a gorgeous exhibition! I wish I could jump right across the atlantic to go and see it. (Hopefully you'll post some of the stuff.)

All the best!

Jelter said...

damn i wish i lived closer to that

Unknown said...

Really nice job on the Show! congratulations... and I hope it does wonderful for you - The long peices are amazing, and it's cool to see how you can hop between the digital & traditional mediums-
Really man, great JOB!
my best to you and the family,

Patrick Morgan said...

Hey man,

Any chance you want to do a Whaleboy piece for our toy opening at the end of June at Monkey King? Sorry for the short notice. I'd need it in the next couple of weeks. You make all the money if it sells, minus what the store gets. Hope you are well.


Benjamin Hall said...

Man, that looks like a great show.

SAETA Hernando (Alfredo) said...

Very nice

craig clark said...

Fantastic stuff!

Matt Jones said...

Looks AWESOME!!! wish i could visit-good luck with the show.


Wonderful pictures! The composition in that paintings are really awesome.congratulations!

DaLe said...

that show looks amazing, are those digital prints?

Anonymous said...

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