Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Gourmand

One more piece from KOTR.


Steve said...

Once again, very cool. Great colours love your work

Rob Bodnar said...

I'm hip not a square. Awsome.

Jeff Young-Sterling said...

man, your still one of the best. love the designs and you like a wizard when it comes to color. is there nothing you cant do.

Ba da ba ba ba, im lovin it!

Josh Parpan said...

Very insightful interview on the Char. Design blog! This post is fantastic! Your colors blow me away man!

mike . . . said...

Great stuff, man.
always love seeing your work.
the new poster for Paul at the 'ol House O' Secrets is awesome.
of course, i'm partial to color schemes of black,white and red. :)

anyway, just thought i'd stop by to say hi.
hope all is well.

take care and all the best in everything,
mike . . .

ragnar said...

Thanks y'all. I had a great time doing this book.

Mike. thanks for stopping by. Everyone should go see Mike's blog.