Friday, March 31, 2006


Here are some roughs I was working on for the cover. I'll frequently work like this. Moving things around, tweaking type and colors until something stands out from the rest. If something isn't working it's pretty evident and I move on, hence the unfinished, clumsy looking state of these.

Here I'm getting into the ballpark.

This is where it ended up.


Kipp Schell said...

wow sweet stuff man, i really like this last one you decided on, solid!!

Oriol said...

ha haa h,I like a know an ilustrator...his name is mezzo,now i dont remember exactly the name...I searc him and I tell you...similar style of ilustration on this ones,like me a lot!
really dont remember the name,mezzo is his signature.
great style and technique you have;P

Terry said...

awesome. So what is King of the Roads all about and when will it be made available?

Christina Forshay said...

Awesome. Great color palette. L-0-V-E IT!

Dee said...

Wow, these are great illo's! Nice work! Great demo you did at EAA early this year, BTW. linking! Cheers!

Dan Santat said...

Wow! I think all these covers look great!